Shining the Spotling on SCI’s Professional Talent in the Field: A Woman Foreman

March 21, 2014

If you think that being a mom and a grandmother is the true definition of …

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We Promise….

February 5, 2014

Brand Promise


 Our Brand promise is to bring Innovative job specific solutions to our customers

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SCI Infrastructure Solutions.

We build everything above industry standards. Including our reputation.

Sorensen companies Inc. is a multi-disciplined contractor specializing in utility, communication, cellular wireless, electrical, pipeline, and roadway construction.

Shining the Spotling on SCI’s Professional Talent in the Field: A Woman Foreman

Lynn FreestoneLynn FreestoneLynn Freestone Lynn FreestoneLynn FreestoneIf you think that being a mom and a grandmother is the true definition of a woman, think again!  Lynn (Lynette) Freestone gets down and dirty in the trenches right alongside her male coworkers.  She’s a mom, a grandmother, a U.S. Air Force veteran, and an SCI foreman with over 25 years of construction experience under her belt – And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

A foreman with SCI since 2010, she was raised in Gary, Indiana. Lynn is the oldest of six children.  With five siblings to help care for, she frequently looked for opportunities to get out of the house and hang out with her friends, most of whom lived on farms.  “Helping them with their chores was more fun than being cooped up in the house with all the kids at home and gave me the opportunity to work in the outdoors.”   With such a large family, the expense of college was out of the question, so, after high school she joined the U.S. Air Force so she could get away and experience life.

Lynn has three children, all in their twenties, and four grandchildren: two boys and two girls. She claims that her days of diaper duty and raising teenagers have enhanced her ability to work in construction.

Lynn is a “mother figure” to the guys out in the field and she is adamant about their safety. This construction “mother” is not a pushover though.  She’s earned a reputation of being so tough that new employees have quit because she made them work and carry their weight on the job site.  Larry Moody, her present Project Manager, recalls a new employee that was hired last winter.  He would come in begging for a job weekly as he had, “a mortgage and bills to pay”. He was finally given a job and sent out in the field with Lynn.  He started on a Monday and the next day he called and quit saying the work is too hard; Lynn made him dig all day. She knows what these guys are capable of because being a woman in the construction industry means she’s had to work twice as hard as her male counterparts just to be seen as an equal.  So when she sees a new laborer leaning against a shovel and watching others work, she’s prompt to tell them to “get to work”.  She would never expect anything from anyone that she’s not capable of doing herself.

Lynn has worked on some of SCI’s largest RUS or Rural Utility Services jobs.  One of which was up in Montana where she was put on a portion of the job that was highly visible to the customer.  It was hard work out in the middle of nowhere buts she did her job well and the project, as a whole, was a great success.

She developed her love for working in the outdoors as a child by tinkering around the shop with her uncle and working with her friends on their farms. Once, while on “light duty” due to an injury, she stayed in the office doing billing and she absolutely HATED it.

Lynn lives up to SCI’s standards in every way.  She epitomizes the following excerpt from our company’s vision:

“Our organization employs a self-accountable work force where talent is recognized and rewarded; real industry professionals that love to build shit.  We cultivate an environment where opinions are respected and valued for their contributions and differences”.Lynn Freestone

We Promise….

Brand Promise


 Our Brand promise is to bring Innovative job specific solutions to our customers and communities we work in. To fulfill our promise we will search for the best solution in each project and communicate our innovative approach to our customers. Our team will remain flexible to the changing conditions of each situation, and will remain dedicated to the understanding that it is our responsibility to provide the right solution for our customer and the community every time, no matter the cost.  We promise to do this in…..


…Any weather, Any terrain, ANY TIME

SCI Competes and places in the 14th Annual Safety Olympics



Safety PictureOn Friday, September 27th, SCI competed in the 14th Annual Safety Olympics sponsored by ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) and Intermountain Bobcat.  This annual event is put on for the purpose of raising the level of Safety Awareness and to promote education through competition, participation and fun.  The even was held at the Intermountain Bobcat location, 3455 West 2100 South in West Valley City.


We are proud of Tyler Rowley for placing  FIRST in the Back Hoe competition;  James Touhuni for placing SECOND in the Skid Steer event and Tyler Thomas for placing SECOND in the Scissor Lift.  Congratulation also to all of those who competed both from SCI and other companies.