• Traffic Signal and ATMS

Traffic Signal and ATMS

Moving Traffic…Intelligently.

At SCI, we have an ITS team trained and certified in the latest technologies available for the management of traffic signal controls. Our team has been responsible for handling both Basic and Complex Systems and has installed systems for the Department of Transportation, City Entities and Private Owners alike.

With big growth comes big traffic issues

Our well designed and installed traffic signal will provide:

  • Orderly traffic movement
  • Reduction in certain types of motor vehicle accidents
  • Allow for safe pedestrian movement
  • New signal installation
  • System upgrades & additions
  • Maintenance
  • Connected To The World.

    December 9, 2015

    We are nearing the end of several Fiber to the Home projects for 2015.  All year long we have been placing fiber to homes throughout the Rocky Mountain West. From the mountain tops in Montana, to the eastern plains in Wyoming to the urban environment in Salt Lake City Utah.  Our crews have placed miles upon miles […]

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    Sorensen Companies, Inc. Begins 1000 Mile Fiber Placement

    December 7, 2014

    Starting Dec 6, 2015 we have begun work on a 1ooo mile fiber placement project. We have partnered with several companies to provide an excellent safe project. Our team has planned for weeks to guarantee safety of our employees and general public during this project.  We will be using close to 150 employees to accomplish this […]

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