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When it comes to solving your voice and data communication needs.
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Bigger the bandwidth, the more effective the service. Our Voice and Data Communications department provides a wide range of services including voice, data, paging and video cabling systems for commercial, multi-tenant, military and residential applications. We can provide complete voice and data structure cabling solutions, including fiber optic cabling, splicing and testing.

Data Network Cabling

  • Category 5, Category 5e, and Category 6 structured cabling systems
  • LAN/WAN connectivity

Design & Installation of:

  • Equipment Rooms
  • Telecommunications Closets
  • Equipment Racks
  • Cable Trays
  • Horizontal Distribution
  • Backbone Cabling
  • Conduit Systems
  • Raceway Systems

Telephone Cabling Services
Design & Installation of:

  • Telecommunications Rooms
  • Closets
  • Block Wiring
  • Station Wiring
  • Equipment
  • Interconnection
  • Cross-Connect
  • Building Connectivity
  • Additions, moves, and changes to existing equipment

Fiber Optic Services

  • Design, Place, and Terminate
  • Backbone Distribution
  • Horizontal Distribution
  • Work Area Fiber Connectivity
  • Single Mode & Multi Mode Fiber
  • Mechanical Splicing & Fusion Splicing
  • Fiber Testing & Troubleshooting

Coaxial Cable Services

  • Complete design and installation of
  • Backbone systems
  • Horizontal systems
  • Entrance systems

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