• General Excavation & Utility

General Excavation & Utility

Any terrain, any weather, any time.
If you need it done, chances are we have already done it.

Our team brings extensive knowledge and experience to your jobsite. In utility construction, that experience saves you time and reduces your costs. So you can be confident that the project is done right the first time and competitively priced for your budget.

Design Build Construction
With both design and construction in our hands, SCI will be the single point of responsibility for quality, cost, and schedule adherence.

SCI provides outside plant services to construct and place any communication facility, including copper, coax and fiber optic in all applications, buried, underground and aerial. We can design, build, install or restore your communications facilities using state of the art equipment and a highly skilled workforce. Our teams operate throughout the year, in every state and under any conditions.

Buried Cable and Conduit
Installation of PVC conduit, HDPE Innerduct, or direct buried cable can be accomplished using any of these cost effective methods:

  • Trenching using backhoes or excavators, Walk behind or Ride-on Trenchers to open cut a trench, install the duct material, and backfill.
  • Off-Track Plowing: Using CAT dozers (D7 or D8 size) with a plow chute attachment, to slice an opening in the ground, and install innerduct or fiber cable directly into the ground.

Horizontal Directional Drilling
Using Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines of various sizes to place product in areas where trenching is not practical with minimal environmental disruption.

Water & Sewer
Installation provided for city entities, homeowners and industrial locations.


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