• SCI’s Integrity and Conscientiousness in the Field Recognized by Customer

SCI’s Integrity and Conscientiousness in the Field Recognized by Customer

In this day and age “keeping up with the Joneses” can be an ugly, property damaging process.  Keeping the cities or neighborhood’s infrastructure current with community needs means we often have to damage property before it can restored.  That’s in the nature of our business and we understand homeowners aren’t very happy when they see us digging up their yards.

Here at SCI we strive to provide the best service despite the often necessary demolition.   Since it’s hard for the customer to see the good that’s on the horizon while we are digging up the flowers we go about our business by following our company’s proven  Core Values of “Safety, Quality, Integrity, Respect, and Team Work” (SQIRT).

Imagine how Chad Sorensen, our president, feels when he gets an email or a call from a homeowner-there is sometimes a little trepidation.  However, on July 2nd instead of a gulp it was a few tears.  Tears of pride that is….  The following is an email Chad received from Barbara Wissler.

“Mr. Sorensen,

I live on 2400 East, second house north-west off of 193.  I personally petitioned for a signal light for three or four years. I was elated to see all of your equipment and employees arrive!

The reason I am e-mailing you is concerning your employees. I have never experienced such a great group of men! They have been respectful, courteous, and accommodating! In as much as the equipment was in front of my home I took my garbage can across the street from my home.  I did not want to leave it in front of the neighbors and inconvenience them.  I went to retrieve it in a downpour of rain and your employees would not allow me to cross the street. One of the men retrieved it for me. He happened to look in the garbage can to make certain the garbage truck drivers had been able to empty it. It was still full and he ran it up the street so my garbage would not miss being emptied. Many thanks to him!

I had been without a mail box for a month, it was knocked down by a lawn care employee.  One evening my brother was attempting to replace it.  Digging out the old pole became a major problem as it had been buried quite deep.  My brother was struggling to get it out and I was very concerned as he has a bad heart.  All of your employees had left for the day with the exception of one man who was moving equipment.  He happened to notice my brother was having a difficult time, before heading home he stopped and helped us.  I must say to our surprise it only took him a couple of minutes due to his incredible strength.  He had to be tired after a full day of work but he went above and beyond to assist us.  We were grateful for his compassion.

They guide me out of my driveway in order for me to be protected from oncoming traffic.

If they make a mess they clean it up.  If they dig in my yard the replace it back to its original state.

These are only a couple of examples of their concern for those of us in the actual location of the construction.

Also, they are always working!  It isn’t one person working and three supervising!  They all work!  They are diligent, hard workers.

May I compliment you on extraordinary employees!  This construction has been a pleasant experience.  Your employees have exhibited professionalism yet remained thoughtful and concerned for our welfare.  I have truly appreciated their help and thoughtfulness!

When the work is completed and they are not in my midst anymore I will long remember SCI and the tremendous employees they have working for them!  A big thank you to all of them!


Barbara Wissler”

It is with great pride that we say “Thank You” to the following employees and to all of SCI employees that exhibit this same work ethic and follow our Core Values:

Dominic M. Robert M. Sergio V. Cory L.
Michael K. Dustyn E. Daniel J. John K.
Doug P. Victor H. Troy M.

    March 21, 2019

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