• SCI defends ABC Safety Olympics Title!

SCI defends ABC Safety Olympics Title!

SCI ABC Safety Olympics Champions

On Thursday, June 9th, the Associated Builders and Contractors held their annual Safety Olympics. The event consists of a skills competition using several different pieces of construction equipment. The backhoe, mini excavator, scissor lift, skid steer loader and all terrain fork lift. The competitors also take a written test on the varios safety issues that exist on each piece of equipment they will be using. Each operator is able to compete individually and for their team. We have been anticipating this event for the last year due to the fact we have won the team event three years in a row. We were tuned up and ready to go for the four-peat.

For those who are less familiar with this event, the competitors are given a course and rules that they must follow to get through safely, but timely as well. Any safety infractions are converted into time, so the safer the operator, the better the time. So if you want to use it as a measuring stick, we have the safest and most skilled operators around!

Mike Johnson performed extremely well in the skidsteer competition, placing third in the individual and devastating the competition for his team time. He beat Wadman’s operator by nearly 3 minutes, that is a huge advantage. Most of his success was due to the fact that he was able to operate safely under control and therefore avoided large penalties that other competitors received. Mike also operated the backhoe for our team and beat Wadman’s operator by nearly 2 minutes, again, much of this spread was due to the infractions that were avoided by Mike with his precise operating. The safety penalties are heavy on all of the events, so if an operator just goes through the course as fast as possible without thinking of safety, then they will lose. Mike won the individual backhoe event outright with Travis also competing in the individual portion and earning third place.

Travis Kunkle performed superbly on the all-terrain forklift. Again, the safer the competitor, the better overall time they will have. Travis placed first in individual portion of the forklift competition and had a competitive time for the team portion, which allowed SCI to remain in the chase.


Steve Miller

Steve Miller competed on the individual portion of the scissor lift and placed first overall, smoked the course, again. Kody Kendall did not quite place on the scissor lift for the individual time, but he absolutely destroyed the competition for his team time, a big factor in the overall win.

Kody Kendall


On a side note, Mike Johnson and Travis Kunkle placed first and second respectively in the mini-x competition.

Mike and Travis

Everyone should be pleased with the efforts of these guys and the way they represented our company in such a safe and proficient manner.

Again thanks to everyone who made it possible.


P.S. SCI took the trophy home with a final tally of 1331 seconds, Wadman and Big D (team a) tied for second with 1456 seconds, R&O finished with 1706 seconds, and Big D (team b) finished with 2107 seconds. We won with a 2 minute lead.


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