Records are made to be Broken!

Yes, it’s true. We keep a record of performance milestones for several reasons. This being said, for those with a competitive spirit, they exist for only one reason. To be broken!

Over the more than 33 years SCI has been in business no one has plowed more than 3 miles of conduit or cable in one working day. (10 hrs). Well, that is no longer the case. On July 16, 2012, we received this email report from Greg Hunsaker in regards to the demise of this long-standing record:

“Jarred, Jc, Travis, Shag, Paul, Ted, Glen, Chase and ¬†Zack have officially killed my old record of 3 miles plowing in a day. Today they plowed 17,400 ft, that is 3.29 miles, at 42″ and they just keep getting faster everyday.”

¬†Well, the bar’s been set a little higher….. now let’s see how long this record stands….

Great Work Team!


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