• Ralph Wadsworth – Bangerter Highway Project

Ralph Wadsworth – Bangerter Highway Project

Project Name: Bangerter Highway Project,  6200 South – 7800 South

Project Owner: UDOT

Engineering Firm: Ralph Wadsworth & UDOT

Project Manager: Ben Vigil

Project Location: 6200 – 7000 and 7800 South – Bangerter Highway


SCI has been hard at work with Ralph Wadsword & UDOT, in order to complete this project that has proven as exiting as it has been challenging.  This project consists of a full installation of new traffic signals and ATMS systems. It also including a complete tear down of old infrastructure.

We installed an 85ft Mast Arm. throughout Bangerter, you will find many Mast Arms, 55… 65… even 75 feet. But 85 foot Mast Arms are rare. It was shipped out in 3 different sections (normally they are shipped out in 2). A massive crane and amazing precision was required to install this Mast Arm.



During a particular weekend, a snow storm prevented all crews from working. We wanted to make sure that we finished on time, so, crews worked hard from 7 am on Saturday until 8 am on Sunday. Ralph Wadsworth was very satisfied and confident that everything was done in a safe way (SCI has held the ABC Safety Olympics title for 3  consecutive years).




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