Utah Qwest General Construction & Maintanence Contract


Project Owner: Qwest Communications

General Contractor: Sorensen Companies, Inc.

Project Engineer: Qwest Communications

Project Managers: Jerome Bowles, Ty Scott, Paul Waite, Todd Manning, Jade Crecelius, Jason Ormond, Tony Altenes, Ben Vigil

Project Location: Entire State of Utah

SCI performed all OSP construction for Qwest in the state of Utah. In order to maintain this contract, SCI had to stay updated on the latest methods of OSP placement, and new OSP technologies.

SCI strove to complete the majority of this work with our own resources. We had no major subcontractors working on this contract. We did, on occasion, subcontract horizontal directional drilling, asphalt restoration and asphalt/concrete pavement cutting. SCI completed 95% of this contract with our own workforce.


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