Utah Department of Transportation – I-15 HOV HOT Lanes

Project Owner: Utah Department of Transportation

General Contractor / Design Build Partner: Transcore Engineering

Project Manager: Ben Vigil

Project Location: Interstate 15 along the entire Wasatch Front

For the past several years, the Utah Department of Transportation has been installing or expanding the HOV lanes on I-15 along the Wasatch Front. These improvements have greatly enhanced the publics ability to move efficiently travel along I-15, especially during peak traffic times.

The next step in the progression was to implement what is being called a “high-occupancy toll” lane similar to those already being used in on I-15 in San Diego, I-395 in Minneapolis and I-95 in Miami.  UDOT’s version is called Express Lanes. Express Lanes are free for carpoolers, motorcyclists, buses and vehicles with “C’ license plates that the Environmental Protection Agency deems as burning cleaner, such as hybrids or compressed natural gas vehicles.

The key is this, if your alone in your car and you want to take advantage of the HOT lane – you can do so, for a fee.

SCI’s scope of work on this project was to build the vehicle RF transponder receiver sites at 32 locations along I-15, from Lehi to Kaysville. To complete this, SCI was required to blind bore 30 of the 32 sites – You know the challenges this creates. SCI also built the sites that contained the power pedestal, the ATMS controller cabinet as well as H frame for power. We also installed all wire for the electrical portion. This project was a high profile project for UDOT and a very quick duration. We began the project April of 2010 and completed in August 2010.

Express Lanes Sign



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