Utah Department of Transportation – 10400 South to Bangerter Highway Reconstruction

Project Owner: Utah Department of Transportation

General Contractor / Customer Name: Geneva Rock

Project Manager: Ben Vigil

Project Name: Redwood Road – 10400 South to Bangerter Highway Reconstruction

Project Location: South Jordan, Utah

Project Duration: 18 Months

Redwood Road – 10400 South to Bangerter Highway

Signal at 10400 South

On this project, we built 4 complete intersections at 2200 West, 2700 West, 3200 West and Bangerter Highway. These signals were built to UDOT standards and specifications. We also installed a joint utility trench from Redwood Road to 3200 West on the South side of 10400 South. The trench was 5 feet wide, 5 feet deep and contained conduit for Rocky Mountain Power, UDOT, Comcast, Integra Telecom and South Jordan City. There were also many road crossings from the South side to the North side from the joint utility trench.


The project also included installing a new Automated Traffic Management System (ATMS) from the North West corner of Redwood Road and 10400 South to the Northwest corner of Bangerter Highway and 10400 South. This work included the installation of 4-1/25″ HDPE ATMS conduits, placing of all junction boxes, and the installation, splicing and testing of all the fiber optic cable.

Also, included in the project was the installation of the street lighting system for South Jordan City on both the North side and South side of 10400 South between Redwood Road and Bangerter Highway.

Overall, SCI utilized many methods of construction to build this job. Open trenching, Horizontal Directional Drilling and vacuum excavation. Numerous pieces of equipment were used from 200 class track hoes to mini excavators, electrical line trucks, bucket trucks, vacuum excavation trucks and trailer and horizontal directional drills.

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