T-Mobile – West Valley, UT – Hunter Highschool

Project Owner: Owner: T-Mobile

General Contractor: Sorensen Companies, Inc.

Project Engineer: T-Mobile

Project Manager: Chad Braegger

Location: West Valley, Utah. Hunter Highschool

Constructed a new cell site at the football field/track at Hunter High School. The project involved removing an existing high mast light pole, including the light array. We replaced the light pole with an 80’ monopole structure, including a new foundation. New antennae’s were mounted to the pole and the lighting array re-installed and aimed per the lighting manufactures specifications. The project required the construction of a new block equipment room to house the equipment feeding the cell site. We also were required to construct a new block concession stand for the football field/track. There was an extensive amount of underground utility construction required to install the conduit system for power and communications feeding the new equipment building. We utilized our horizontal directional drilling expertise to compete this portion of the work. This allows us to minimize the overall impact to the school grounds and the cost of restoration normally associated with traditional trenching and excavation.

Subcontracted less than 20% of the work on this project. Major Subcontractor was Wagstaff Crane Services to set the new monopole, Most Wanted Drilling to drill and pour the new pole foundation and Rocky Mountain Masonry who build the block equipment building and the block concession stand.


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