T-Mobile – Rooftop cellular site at The Mayan

Project Owner: T-Mobile

General Contractor: Sorensen Companies, Inc.

Project Engineer: T-Mobile

Project Manager: Craig Wiser

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah. The Mayan Restaurant

Constructed a new cell site on the roof of the Mayan Restaurant in Salt Lake City, UT. We installed all the required equipment needed to run the cell site in an existing mechanical room within the building. Project involved the installation of all the required electrical conduit and conductors required to power the equipment. We were required to penetrate the roof in several locations to feed the coaxial cables to the new antennae mounting locations on the rooftop. We installed three separate antennae arrays on the rooftop and painted them to match the existing color and texture of the building.


Subcontracted less than 1% of the work on this project. Major Subcontractor was Wagstaff Crane Services to lift the equipment from ground level approximately 65’ to the roof of the building.


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