Fiber to the Home, Prairie City, Oregon

Downtown Prairie City, OR. State Archives

Project Owner: Oregon Telephone

General Contractor: Sorensen Companies, Inc.

Project Engineer: Midstate Consultants

Project Manager: Greg Hunsaker

Project Location: Prairie City, Oregon

On this project, SCI placed over 30 miles of duct and 71 new services in Prairie City, Oregon. SCI placed most of the new duct system by means of plowing. At times, plowing as much as three ducts in at the same time. This job was in a very rural setting, making runs of over 7000 feet between manholes necessary at times, were fiber needed to be installed. All of the fiber installed in this system was placed by jetting. Due to the length of the runs, the manufacturer of the jetting system did not feel that we could install the fiber without adding in more manholes. Our crews installed all of the fiber successfully without changing the original design.

Subcontracted approximately 15% of the work on this project. Major Subcontractor was Earth Energy for horizontal directional drilling


    March 21, 2019

    As of August 2018, Sorensen Companies, Inc. and the Army’s Pays program have partnered together to create more employment opportunities […]

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