Utah Department of Transportation – Box Elder County I-15 Improvements

Box Elder County Mountains


Project Owner: Utah Department of Transportation

General Contractor: Flatiron Construction Corp.

Project Manager: Tony Altenes

Location: I-15, between the South Willard Interchange (exit 351) and the US-91/1100 South Interchange in Brigham City

The Utah Department of Transportation is performing rehabilitation on the concrete lanes of I-15, between the South Willard Interchange (exit 351) and the US-91/1100 South Interchange in Brigham City

Crews will hydraulically level the concrete slabs of I-15, and then cut slots into the concrete surface. Three slots are cut in each “tire track” of the slab. Then reinforcing bars, known as “Dowel Bars,” are placed in these slots and cemeted into place with a grout-like substance. Once the grout has dried, roadway grinding will be conducted to ensure a smooth ride for all motorists.

The project will begin in early March and end in September 2011.

SCI has been contracted to install roughly 58,000 LF of ATMS conduit duct structure that  will be installed using our cable plows and traditional open trenching. We will also install polymere concrete junction boxes along the route to allow access to the duct structure. Once this system is in place, our fiber optic cable installers will use our hydraulic and air assisted cable blowers to install single mode fiber optic cable the complete distance of the route.

Another exciting point of interest relating to this project, Wasatch Barricade, another company owned by Sorensen Companies, Inc is provided all the traffic control, including traffic control plan design and implementation, setup and teardown of the devices and providing the required Traffic Control Supervisors being utilized on the job site.


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