Salt Lake City 2011 – Traffic Signals and Pedestrian Upgrades

Project Owner: Salt Lake City Corporation

Managing Engineering Firm: Horrocks Engineers

General Contractor: SCI

Project Manager: Ben Vigil

Project Location: Salt Lake City

The project will involve the installation of 5 new traffic signals throughout the city. Two of the intersections will feature the new HAWK pedestrian signal system:


1300 South Main Street (remove existing traffic signal and installation of new system)

1700 South 300 West (remove existing traffic signal and installation of new system)

2000 East 2700 South (remove existing traffic signal and installation of new system)

1300 South 600 East (installation of new pedestrian hawk signal crossing)

1300 East Stratford Avenue (installation of new pedestrian hawk signal crossing)

Estimated value of the project is  $557,000.00. This project will have a 160 calendar day duration, starting Mid-September.





Here’s a few pictures of the intersection on 600 East 1300 South, right by Liberty Park. After speaking with a few of the joggers and cyclist around the area, it was clear to see how much safer and friendly this part of the community has been made thanks to this upgrades. SCI is proud to be a part of this change.



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