3 Rivers Augusta FTTH

Project Owner: 3 Rivers Telephone Coop.

Managing Engineering Firm: Mid-States Consultants

General Contractor: Sorensen Companies, Inc. (SCI)

Project Manager: Jerome Bowles

Project Location:  Augusta, Montana, Cascade County, Louis & Clark County, Teton County


It’s no wonder that our company’s mission statement reads “Building quality infrastructures that bring communities together”. The 3 Rivers Telephone FTTP Project in Augusta, MT., will be the perfect example, (among many others), of our commitment to this mission statement.


3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, with corporate headquarters in Fairfield, MT, is a telecommunications company originally founded in 1953 as a rural telephone cooperative. Still a cooperative at its core, 3 Rivers has grown and diversified over the years and now offers long distance, local dial-up Internet, High Speed Internet, combined wireless broadband and local phone, digital TV, satellite high speed Internet, and competitive local telephone service in addition to traditional local telephone service.


This isn’t the first time that SCI has worked with 3 Rivers to bring better and faster service to a community. In 2009, the city of Ennis, MT was provided with over 50 miles of new conduit and fiber optic cable infra structure. 800 individual homes/businesses benefited from this project. This time we are back in Montana to service the city of Augusta and surroundings.


SCI will be installing 7.7 miles of aerial infrastructure, (.67 aerial service, 11 aerial drops) , over 230 miles of buried service to a total of 507 homes. Due to Montana’s beautiful but challenging landscape, climbing will have to be the technique of preference for much of the aerial installation. On the underground installation, we will be utilizing our D8 Plows (HS2 cable plow), Backhoes, Rock Saws and more to be to get through the terrain.



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