• We are Hiring!

We are Hiring!

Positions Available:

Construction Laborers

•Vac Operators 

•Vac Laborers

•Experienced Barricade Driver/Traffic Control Maintainer

•Mechanic (Syracuse Only)

•Cell Tower Technicians

•Heavy Duty Equipment Operator 

•Experienced Traffic Signal Technician

We are looking for candidates that are dependable and willing to become part of our hard-working team. Able to be mentored by industry leaders to create a fast track career advancement. On the job training and advancement opportunities are abundant. Positions are available at our West Jordan & Syracuse location.


•Medical, Dental, Vision, Accident & Critical Illness


•Life Insurance

•Short & Long Term Disability

•Bonus Opportunities

•Paid Schooling


Position will require physical labor. Duties will include but are not limited to: operating equipment, operating hand and/or power tools, loading and unloading materials, supplies, equipment and tools, assisting and following site supervisor’s instructions, preparing and cleaning job sites, lifting up to 50 pounds frequently through the day, maintaining equipment and other tasks as assigned. Communicate well with other employees and management. Work as a team member.


Hard working, honest and dependable, some knowledge of construction would be helpful but not necessary. We are willing to train the right candidate. Compensation will be based on experience.

Sorensen Companies Is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer .

Women and Minorities are encouraged to apply!

Click on the Employment link at the top of the page to apply today!

SCI. Your World, Our Formula.

Sorensen Companies Inc. (SCI) is a multi-disciplined contractor specializing in utility, communications, electrical, pipeline and roadway construction.

The formula at SCI for long-term success relies heavily on our ability to recognize future trends, adapt quickly to changing markets, and execute with high proficiency.

We pride ourselves on our innovation and the individual talent of each of our highly skilled teams. These abilities help us complete even the most complex projects faster than our competitors at a quality that exceeds industry expectations.


As of August 2018, Sorensen Companies, Inc. and the Army’s Pays program have partnered together to create more employment opportunities for Soldiers returning home or retiring from service to our Country. We are honored to have those that served join our team. Thank you Mayor Gailey for helping us celebrate this partnership and to our President Chad Sorensen for making this partnership happen.


Our team at SCI has completed the new traffic signal at the HWY 193 extension to 3000 W in West Point. What a wonderful job they have done! We are very proud of you! Ryan Reid, Tim Walker, John Montoya, Tucker Perkins, Kevin Bennett, Tony Perkins, Aaron Pentz, Mario Mendoza, Trevor Kindred, James Fischler, Riley Miller.  5,300 feet of ATMS conduit installed in a few hours as well!


Last Week our team completed the AWOS “Airport Weather Observation System” at Spanish Fork Airport. What an amazing job guys! Thanks Todd Manning, Brett Anderson, Tim Walker, John Montoya, Trevor Kindred, James Fischler and everyone else. Exceptional work!


Wasatch Boulevard Traffic Signal – SLC

Our team at SCI has completed the new traffic signal on Wasatch Blvd, near Cottonwood Canyon for UDOT and Kilgore. Signal had it challenges, but turned out great! Fantastic job Ryan Reid, Tim Walker, Aaron Pentz, Shane Fossum and all crews that participated in this project, also a congratulations to our estimator Kelly Luddington for winning the bid! We are very proud!!

Connected To The World

We are nearing the end of several Fiber to the Home projects for 2015.  All year long we have been placing fiber to homes throughout the Rocky Mountain West. From the mountain tops in Montana, to the eastern plains in Wyoming to the urban environment in Salt Lake City Utah.  Our crews have placed miles upon miles of fiber lines. Our vision of keeping communities connected to the world is coming true. Next time you email a friend, post a picture on Facebook, Twitter your thoughts, or better video chat with loved ones overseas or across the country, we are happy to be a part of making that happen.

Sorensen Companies, Inc. Begins 1000 Mile Fiber Placement

Starting Dec 6, 2015 we have begun work on a 1ooo mile fiber placement project. We have partnered with several companies to provide an excellent safe project. Our team has planned for weeks to guarantee safety of our employees and general public during this project.  We will be using close to 150 employees to accomplish this project ahead of time. The project stretches from Ogden, Utah to Seattle, Washington. Keep an eye out for us and you may just catch a glimpse of the best doing what they do best. Happy Holidays!


SCI’s Integrity and Conscientiousness in the Field Recognized by Customer

In this day and age “keeping up with the Joneses” can be an ugly, property damaging process.  Keeping the cities or neighborhood’s infrastructure current with community needs means we often have to damage property before it can restored.  That’s in the nature of our business and we understand homeowners aren’t very happy when they see us digging up their yards.

Here at SCI we strive to provide the best service despite the often necessary demolition.   Since it’s hard for the customer to see the good that’s on the horizon while we are digging up the flowers we go about our business by following our company’s proven  Core Values of “Safety, Quality, Integrity, Respect, and Team Work” (SQIRT).

Imagine how Chad Sorensen, our president, feels when he gets an email or a call from a homeowner-there is sometimes a little trepidation.  However, on July 2nd instead of a gulp it was a few tears.  Tears of pride that is….  The following is an email Chad received from Barbara Wissler.

“Mr. Sorensen,

I live on 2400 East, second house north-west off of 193.  I personally petitioned for a signal light for three or four years. I was elated to see all of your equipment and employees arrive!

The reason I am e-mailing you is concerning your employees. I have never experienced such a great group of men! They have been respectful, courteous, and accommodating! In as much as the equipment was in front of my home I took my garbage can across the street from my home.  I did not want to leave it in front of the neighbors and inconvenience them.  I went to retrieve it in a downpour of rain and your employees would not allow me to cross the street. One of the men retrieved it for me. He happened to look in the garbage can to make certain the garbage truck drivers had been able to empty it. It was still full and he ran it up the street so my garbage would not miss being emptied. Many thanks to him!

I had been without a mail box for a month, it was knocked down by a lawn care employee.  One evening my brother was attempting to replace it.  Digging out the old pole became a major problem as it had been buried quite deep.  My brother was struggling to get it out and I was very concerned as he has a bad heart.  All of your employees had left for the day with the exception of one man who was moving equipment.  He happened to notice my brother was having a difficult time, before heading home he stopped and helped us.  I must say to our surprise it only took him a couple of minutes due to his incredible strength.  He had to be tired after a full day of work but he went above and beyond to assist us.  We were grateful for his compassion.

They guide me out of my driveway in order for me to be protected from oncoming traffic.

If they make a mess they clean it up.  If they dig in my yard the replace it back to its original state.

These are only a couple of examples of their concern for those of us in the actual location of the construction.

Also, they are always working!  It isn’t one person working and three supervising!  They all work!  They are diligent, hard workers.

May I compliment you on extraordinary employees!  This construction has been a pleasant experience.  Your employees have exhibited professionalism yet remained thoughtful and concerned for our welfare.  I have truly appreciated their help and thoughtfulness!

When the work is completed and they are not in my midst anymore I will long remember SCI and the tremendous employees they have working for them!  A big thank you to all of them!


Barbara Wissler”

It is with great pride that we say “Thank You” to the following employees and to all of SCI employees that exhibit this same work ethic and follow our Core Values:

Dominic M. Robert M. Sergio V. Cory L.
Michael K. Dustyn E. Daniel J. John K.
Doug P. Victor H. Troy M.

We Promise….

Brand Promise


 Our Brand promise is to bring Innovative job specific solutions to our customers and communities we work in. To fulfill our promise we will search for the best solution in each project and communicate our innovative approach to our customers. Our team will remain flexible to the changing conditions of each situation, and will remain dedicated to the understanding that it is our responsibility to provide the right solution for our customer and the community every time, no matter the cost.  We promise to do this in…..


…Any weather, Any terrain, ANY TIME

SCI Competes and places in the 14th Annual Safety Olympics



Safety PictureOn Friday, September 27th, SCI competed in the 14th Annual Safety Olympics sponsored by ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) and Intermountain Bobcat.  This annual event is put on for the purpose of raising the level of Safety Awareness and to promote education through competition, participation and fun.  The even was held at the Intermountain Bobcat location, 3455 West 2100 South in West Valley City.


We are proud of Tyler Rowley for placing  FIRST in the Back Hoe competition;  James Touhuni for placing SECOND in the Skid Steer event and Tyler Thomas for placing SECOND in the Scissor Lift.  Congratulation also to all of those who competed both from SCI and other companies.



SCI, Zion’s Speaking on Business

On Thursday, September 19th, Zion’s Speaking on Business highlighted SCI on KSL radio.  Here is the radio spot in it’s entirety:

September 19, 2013

This is Chris Redgrave for Zion’s Bank Speaking   on Business.

Craig Sorenson saw the research on family-owned businesses,  how just 30 percent make it to the second generation and only 10 percent the  third. He looked carefully at Syracuse-based SCI, an infrastructure solutions  company, which he bootstrapped and built with his own hands.

He didn’t want that to happen to his company. So, his four sons  all worked their way through the business, from the ground up. Before any of  them were promoted, they had to prove they were the most qualified for the job.  That’s why SCI is continuing to thrive under the leadership of current  president Chad Sorenson. Craig is still involved as CEO. Chad says they learned  early on that as a family member, it was their job to be the first in and the  last to leave.

Infrastructure is at the core of SCI, and that’s any type of  distribution from communications, fiber optics and power to traffic control.  And then there’s the wireless division that builds cell towers, DAS networks  and LTE upgrades. Right now they’re helping TMobile update 375 towers across  the state.

At SCI, they emphasize SQUIRT, or Safety, Quality,  Integrity, Respect and Teamwork. Safety is critical since they’re working in  the second most dangerous industry in the world, right behind mining. When  you have people digging in trenches 10 feet deep or on cell towers hundreds of  feet high, it’s not just an injury you’re preventing. They currently have 225  employees.

Craig is quite a visionary, and here’s one example of why. In  the early 2000s, he could see the generational gap between himself and his  employees. He realized the style of leadership needed for this group was far  different than what he could provide, so he had the foresight to step down as  president. Chad worked side-by-side with his dad to learn the values of the business,  so he would operate SCI in the same way his dad did.

Their philosophy at SCI is to diversify the business and  hold margins where they know they can be successful despite changing and  challenging market conditions.

For Zion’s Bank, I’m Chris Redgrave, speaking on business.

SCI   918 S. 2000 West   Syracuse, UT 84075   801-773-4390 www.gosci.com

Sorensen Construction 2nd Annual Golf Tournament


Sorensen Construction and Wasatch Barricade held its 2 Annual Customer Appreciation Golf Tournament on Friday, September 13th at Schneiter’s Bluff Golf Course in West Point, Utah.  We had an amazing turn out and while the weather was drizzly and cloudy no one’s spirits were dampened.  There were plenty of smiles to go around.  We played a 4-person scramble with a shotgun start at 8:00 a.m.   Everyone was in rare form.  We had winners for our two “Closest to the Hole” and “Longest Drive” competitions and while no one won our $20,000.00 Hole in One shot, our very own Scott McKinnon was so close he could smell the money.  Maybe next year….

Our Third Place team was Rob Long with Graybar, Scott Hoyt with SCI, Clint Kennedy with Beldon and Tyler Thomas with SCI.Golf- 3rd place

Our Second Place team, representing Staker Parsons was Clay Packard, Gordon Staker and Jonas Staker.Golf- 2nd Place






And our FIRST PLACE winning team, with 14 under par, was Chris Evans, SCI; Sean Baugh, All Points; and Mike Momi, All Points.  Congratulations!!

Golf -Eckles Paving

Eckles Paving Team

Golf- 1st PlaceMore pictures of FUN:

Part of the Comcast Team

Part of the Comcast Team




Our crazy photographer Jeremy and his beautiful wife Nicole.

Our Crazy photographer Jeremy Bowles and his beautiful wife Nicole.











CONGRATULATIONS to SCI for bringing home ABC’s (Associated Contractor’s and Builders) 2013 STEP AWARD.

ABC created the Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) back in 1989.  It was written by Contractors for Contractors.

To qualify for the STEP award a Contractor must demonstrate an organized approach for analyzing and developing safety and loss prevention programs.  It must incorporate both OSHA required safety data with self-assessment requirements to give a full, wide ranging report on the entire nature of a company’s Safety Program.  It is designed to benefit both large and small contractors alike*.   SCI’s statistics were based on safety rates for 200,000 employee hours and  lost time rates for Workers Comp. (EMOD).   Scott reports, “We had the lowest recordable incidents (2.97) since SCI started keeping records”.

Receiving the award for SCI was Scott McKinnon, SCI’s new Safety and Human Resource Manager.Scott with ABC Safety Award

Scott has brought a vast background in many aspects of both HR and Employee Safety, and has approximately 20 years of experience in a safety sensitive environment.  He has previously worked at Union Pacific as an operator and a manager and for the past 10 years he has been deeply involved with various realms of HR and Employee Safety.  Scott most recently worked in the mining industry as the Superintendent of Labor Relations and Employee Safety for an international organization. Scott attended college in Utah where he began his studies in the field of Construction Management.  He changed his path and pursued Business Management. Scott possesses certifications as a Master Safety Trainer, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, MSHA, FRA, Safety, ISO 9001 and 14001 auditor as well as Hazardous Material Certification.  Scott brings great enthusiasm to our organization and the ability to enhance SCI’s safety culture, allowing SCI to pursue prospective business we have not approached in the past.  Scott also has a substantial and diverse background in training, which will allow SCI as a whole to standardize our processes, utilize best practices, and increase employee safety making SCI more successful.

Scott with ABC Safety Award


*Excerpts taken directly from ABC’s definition on their website.

2012 SCI/Wasatch Barricade Golf Tournament

On Friday, September 14th, the 2012 SCI/Wasatch Barricade Customer Appreciation Golf Tournament was held at the beautiful Schneiter’s Bluff Golf Course in West Pointe, Utah. The weather was beautiful and the golf course was in fantastic condition.

The tournament was well attended by our customers, our vendor partner’s and the SCI/Wasatch Barricade management team. We played a 4-person scramble format which allowed everyone a fair shot at winning the event. In the end, we had a three way tie for the low team score at 59! After a score card playoff, the team of Clint Garner, Brian Waldron, Mark Monson and Scott Hoyt were crowned the event team winners. Travis Pyne, Ryan Schick, Don Lee Watson and Jeremy Bowles were the 1st runners up and Ben Liegert, Sean Rivera, Brian Griffith and Pual Waite came in 3rd.

1st Place Team Brain Waldron, Mark Monson, Scott Hoyt and Clint Garner

We also had several individual skills contest holes setup around the course, including a shot at winning $20,000.00 for a hole-in-one on hole #16. Ryan Schick was oh so close to winning the cash with a shot that flew straight and true at the hole, rolled right past the cup and finished within a few feet. He still won a sweet prize but the cash ended up being safe, at least for this year.

We want to thank our event sponsors, our vendors for their generous donations. Their willingness to donate the prizes, truly made this a very memorable event.

Ahern Rental,  American Eagle Drilling Supply, AnixterAssociated Builders and Contractors,  Bone Safety Sign, Codale Electric Supply, D.A. Davidson, Ditch Witch of the Rockies, Honnen Equipment, Industrial Supply, Intermountain Bobcat, Intermountain Drilling Supply, Kwik Kopy, ML Kishigo, North American Signal Co., Oldcastle Precast, Richie Brothers Auctioneers, SOS Skillstaff, Traffix Devices, Wanco and Wheeler Machinery.

A special thanks goes out to John Schneiter and the fantastic golf course staff at Schneiter’s Bluff Golf Course. If you looking for a great venue for your next golf event, I recommend giving them a call. You won’t be disappointed!


Salt Lake City, UT – Fastest Mobile Networks 2012

SCI is proud to be part of upgrading the “Fastest Mobile Networks 2012”, as reported by PC Magazine.

Our mobile cellular tower technicians have been hard at work installing the LTE hardware to reach these speeds for several months.

Check out the full article here:

Fastest Mobile Networks 2012

3 Rivers Linking Rural Areas To Digital World With Fiber-Optic Project

USDA Rural Development along with 3 Rivers Communications held a tour last week to update residents on the progress being made on the high speed broad-band fiber-optic project in Augusta, Montana. There were over ten individuals on the tour including 3 Rivers staff, Rural Utility Services (RUS) and USDA Representatives, and Augusta residents. They visited a work sight ten miles west of Augusta on Elk Creek Road at the base of Haystack Butte.  3 Rivers Communications contracted Sorenson Company Inc. (SCI) out of Salt Lake City to do the work. Those participating in the tour were able to see SCI pre-ripping an underground trench while another plowed in the fiber along the roadside.


RUS is the lending company for USDA. The USDA provides lending services to Rural Business Services, Rural Housing Services and Rural Utility Services. Their partnership with utility companies has made it possible to bring state of the art communications to r…


For more of this story, click on or type the URL below:



Records are made to be Broken!

Yes, it’s true. We keep a record of performance milestones for several reasons. This being said, for those with a competitive spirit, they exist for only one reason. To be broken!

Over the more than 33 years SCI has been in business no one has plowed more than 3 miles of conduit or cable in one working day. (10 hrs). Well, that is no longer the case. On July 16, 2012, we received this email report from Greg Hunsaker in regards to the demise of this long-standing record:

“Jarred, Jc, Travis, Shag, Paul, Ted, Glen, Chase and  Zack have officially killed my old record of 3 miles plowing in a day. Today they plowed 17,400 ft, that is 3.29 miles, at 42″ and they just keep getting faster everyday.”

 Well, the bar’s been set a little higher….. now let’s see how long this record stands….

Great Work Team!


Gary Albert – Great Friend Retires

Gary Albert has been working with Salt Lake City, he served as an inspector for 38 years and he has accompanied us in our growth. A great, professional and pleasant individual, we wish him the best as he starts this new chapter of his life.

Project Update – SLC Traffic Signals Upgrades

This project has been a complete success, check out the new pictures here

Layton Parkway Project COMPLETED

SCI and Staker Parsons have joined forces once again to improve our community. The new Layton Parkway is an extension of the new off ramp from Flint into Angel Street, SCI was charged with building a new signal at Angel Street… Click here to learn more.

Leon Zellman – Friend to us all

“A very special person who has had a great and lasting relationship with SCI since the early 1990’s past away this weekend.   Leon Zellman was the manager of the Salt lake and Denver Ditch Witch offices.  He was a a great and honorable man and always a good friend to me personally as well as to all SCI people whom worked with Leon.”
 Craig Sorensen – C.E.O.

The Gallivan Center promo video

We have just finalized this video presentation of The Gallivan Center project. We hope you enjoy!

To learn more and see more pictures, click here

SCI’s already huge number of IMSA Certified Technicians, is getting bigger!


SCI has always been proud to have the largest number of IMSA certified staff in the state of Utah. As a matter of fact, back in 2009 SCI was given the IMSA award for having the most IMSA certified employees in the region.




The IMSA (International Municipal Signal Association) is Dedicated to providing quality certification programs for the safe installation, operation and maintenance of public safety systems; delivering value for members by providing the latest information and education in the industry.


UDOT specifications state that any company doing Traffic Signal or ATMS construction on Utah roadways must have 2 IMSA certified technicians as well as 1 Journeyman electrician on the job site at all times. Working with SCI will guarantee this requirements is met every time.

SCI to service Augusta on FTTH project


It’s no wonder that our company’s mission statement reads “Building quality infrastructures that bring communities together”. The 3 Rivers Telephone FTTP Project in Augusta, MT., will be the perfect example (among many others) of our commitment to this mission statement. Read more here

SCI joins the ACI Intermountain Chapter

SCI is proud to announce that we have joined the ACI – Intermountain Chapter. Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI, USA, the American Concrete Institute is advancing concrete knowledge by conducting seminars, managing certification programs, and publishing technical documents. The American Concrete Institute currently has 98 chapters and 20,000 members spanning 108 countries.

SCI is always striving to be part of a group that is always looking to better the products that we use to build infrastructure for our clients and our community.


On April 2010, Google hosted a race on their campus, located on Mountain View, CA., in order to promote their Fiber To The Home initiatives. This video explains the basics of Micro-Trenching and features clips of the Google parking lot race.

Ditch-Witch was the winner. They were chosen based on depth, width and speed. Micro-Trenching is intended to be a cost efficient, quick and non-disturbing process. SCI has been offering this service for years and have since Micro-Trenched thousands of feet for different customers, delivering a clean, high quality end product, every time. best essay service

SCI joins the SEPA

SCI has long worked for a better future for our customers, our company and our community. We are proud to announce that we have joined the SEPA (Solar Electric Power Association).

“The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to helping utilities integrate solar power into their energy portfolios. With more than 850 utility and solar industry members, SEPA provides unbiased utility solar market intelligence, up-to-date information about technologies and business models, and peer-to-peer interaction.”

SCI has been offering Alternate Energy Technology as part as our solutions and will continue to make improvements to offer better and more efficient ways to power your business, home or equipment.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Horizontal Directional Drilling is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables along an engineered bore path by using a surface launched drilling rig. This creates minimal impact on the surrounding area. Directional drilling, or boring, is used when trenching or excavating is not practical… Read more here

Schneiter’s Bluff Golf Course

Schneiter’s Bluff Golf Course in West Point Utah, is one of many golf courses in the valley along the Wasatch Front. The Schneiter family has been providing a relaxing yet challenging golfing experience for Utah golfers for over 50 years.Click here to read more

Jeremy Bowles – New member of SCI’s Board of Directors


Jeremy Bowles is our newest member of our board of directors. He’s been with us for over 17 years and has held a number of different positions during his career with SCI, displaying an outstanding level of professionalism and dedication to the company. This is what our President, Chad Sorensen, had to say about Jeremy. “Jeremy has been with SCI for 17 years, and in those years has many great accomplishments.  Jeremy started as an Installer on Drops back in 1995, has been a Drop foreman, routine foremen, Bore Foremen, locator, operator, Project manager over bore and routine, as well as his extensive career as our Fleet manager.  Jeremy has always demonstrated absolute integrity and commitment to SCI.  He has also demonstrated a perfect example and alignment with our core values of Safety, Quality, Integrity, Respect and Teamwork.  Jeremy’s overall role and responsibility will remain the same,as well as he will be a part of our Board of directors, he will attend all Director meetings and will be an excellent representative of SCI at this level of management.  Congratulations Jeremy!!!”



SCI at UDOT Annual Conference 2011

SCI will be attending the 2011 UDOT annual conference at the South Towne Expo Center from November 15 – 17. We have been attending to these conferences for the past several years and this year will be no exception. We will be sharing a booth with Wasatch Barricade so come visit us!.


The conference will have great speakers such as former Senator Robert F. Bennett, UDOT Executive Director – John Njord, Lane Beattie – Salt Lake Chamber CEO and more!


-Robert Bennett-                          -Lane Beattie-                             -John Njord-


They will have several break-out sessions on Construction, Design, Public development, etc. We know this event will be of great benefit to us and our partners so, come visits us! For further questions, visit UDOT at www.udot.com. See you there!

ABC Trap Shoot 2011

Yet another warm sunny day for an ABC event. The Magna Gun Club was the stage for this fall’s event, Trap Shoot. Teams of 5 from different companies showed up to compete in this event. They shot 50 trap targets and 25 – 5 stand sporting clays. Team SCI came to take the title from defending champion so the stakes were as high as they can be!

SCI brought 2 different teams:


Clint Sorensen ,Todd Manning, Chase Sorensen, Swen Ferre and Chad Sorensen


Sharlyn Reinhold, Craig Sorensen, Marisa Sorensen, Nicole Bowles and Jeremy Bowles

Each participant also competed as an individual in one of 5 classes: “A” (Advanced) “B” (Intermediate) “C” (Occasional shooter) “D” (beginner) and Ladies Division. Although our teams were not successful in bringing the team title home, we won in 4 of the 5 individual classes. Class A – Clint Sorensen, Class B – Todd Manning, Ladies Division – Sharlyn Reinhold and Class D was taken by our friend and partner Steven Forry from Level 3, who formed a last minute-team with Mark Todd.

Thanks to everyone that attended and made this day yet another memorable ABC event.

We Will Never Forget…. 9/11

Ten years ago today was one of the most tragic days in the history of the United States — it left a scar on our country that will never go away, but the resilience and spirit of the American people shines as bright as it ever has.

Today, all of us at SCI would like to say, we remember!  Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this attack.



SCI/Wasatch Barricade, JPB and IMS participated in the ABC’s Annual Dutch Oven Cook-Off held at beautiful Sugar House Park. A sunny day greeted all those who came to support and be a part of the event.

SCI’s cooking team was the first to set up camp and get down to business. They started by cooking the secret BBQ sauce (The recipe is available for $5.00 by purchasing the ABC Dutch Oven Cook-off recipe book), asiago chesse was used which gave the food a great flavor.

Team JPB tried a more ancient and serious approach. Their technique was composed of chanting an Italian…ish sounding anthem repeatedly as they used century-old tools and techniques, such as tossing dough in the air and using bud light beer cans as dough rollers.

Team IMS’ cooking and recipe was simple… secrecy! They set camp at a spot a little further away from the other teams and simply got straight to business. No chanting, no messing around! Just business as usual and they walked away with BOTH Dutch Oven awards for main course and desert.

Thanks to everyone that attended and made this years ABC’s Dutch Oven Cook-Off another success. After nearly 5 hours of cooking and 30 minutes of putting all of the food away by everyone in attendance, it was very easy to see that individual Companies didn’t show up… only family!!!

New Project!!! 2011 Signal Upgrades, Salt Lake City Corportation

Project Owner: Salt Lake City Corporation

Managing Engineering Firm: Horrocks Engineers

General Contractor: SCI

Project Manager: Ben Vigil

Project Location: Salt Lake City

The project will involve the installation of 5 new traffic signals throughout the city. Two of the intersections will feature the new HAWK pedestrian signal system:


1300 South Main Street (remove existing traffic signal and installation of new system)

1700 South 300 West (remove existing traffic signal and installation of new system)

2000 East 2700 South (remove existing traffic signal and installation of new system)

1300 South 600 East (installation of new pedestrian hawk signal crossing)

1300 East Stratford Avenue (installation of new pedestrian hawk signal crossing)

Estimated value of the project is  $557,000.00. This project will have a 160 calendar day duration, starting Mid-September.


SCI helps sponsor the BUY Foundation demolition derby car

SCI is once again trying to give back to the community by helping sponsor the BUY(Building Utah Youth) foundation Derby car. This car will be used at the 2011 Weber County Fair going on August 10th through the 13th at the Weber County Fairgrounds – 1000 North 1200 West, in beautiful Ogden. Other Utah ABC proud members are also helping sponsor the car.

BUY Foundation Derby Car

What the BUY Foundation stands for…. In today’s changing culture, leadership training is paramount to developing self-sufficient, ethical, and compassionate individuals. According to studies, youth who participate in development and leadership experiences are more likely to do well in school, be involved in the community, and positively transition through adolescence and adulthood. BUY is committed to provide this opportunity to as many Northern Utah youth as possible in the upcoming years.



2011 Associated Builders and Contractors Charity Golf Tournament


We sent two teams to the 30th Annual ABC Golf Tournament this year in an effort to win but more important, to support a very worthy charity. The event was held at Soldier Hollow Golf Course in beautiful Midway, Utah and there were enough teams to fill both the Gold and the Silver courses. The proceeds from the tournament are donated to a local children’s charity and help to fund back to school clothing and supplies for the kids.

Our first team was James Arciaga, Mark Todd, Scott Lindsay and our ace player, Cody Sorensen. We had a great time but in the end, our 5 under par score was not enough to put our names on the trophy. Our second team was Chase Sorensen, Ben Vigil, Neil Atkinson, and Dave Giles. They also posted a respectable score of 5 under par but again, no trophies.

We also sponsored hole #16 on the Gold course and held a closest-to-the-hole contest. Carl Sundstrom, Jamie Morris and Carlos Salcedo were on site to offer the players swing tips, yardage to the hole, a friendly smile and most important a watchful eye to make sure the contest was honest.  Ron Hadley used his finely honed skills to stop his golf ball within 8 feet of a very tough pin. His efforts were rewarded with an awesome new Garmin G3 Approach golf GPS unit.

At the end of the day, we all had a great time and most important of all, we raised a lot of cash for a truly worthy charity!

Thanks to all who participated!


SCI Employees Reach New Milestone

Please help me CONGRATULATE the following employees who have had a milestone anniversary with SCI in the first part of 2011!

These anniversaries are for the 1st half of 2011 only – January through the end of June.




Fifteen Year Employees

Trent Russo
Paul Waite
Clint Sorensen
Gay Grose



Ten Year Employee

Jake Saylor
Bill Davies
Ty Scott
Gerry Gullion
Tom Braegger
Chase Sorensen




Five Year Employees

Issac Darcey
Casimiro Marquez
Juan Chia
Tyler Strand
Russell Rust
Jared Ott
Victor Higuera
Ramon Tapia
Domingo Lucena
Jesus Dorame
Hugo Castaneda
Jared Sved

You All Rock! Thank you for all you hard work and dedication.

Deleene Kondrick
H.R. Manager
Sorensen Companies Inc.


SCI defends ABC Safety Olympics Title!

SCI ABC Safety Olympics Champions

On Thursday, June 9th, the Associated Builders and Contractors held their annual Safety Olympics. The event consists of a skills competition using several different pieces of construction equipment. The backhoe, mini excavator, scissor lift, skid steer loader and all terrain fork lift. The competitors also take a written test on the varios safety issues that exist on each piece of equipment they will be using. Each operator is able to compete individually and for their team. We have been anticipating this event for the last year due to the fact we have won the team event three years in a row. We were tuned up and ready to go for the four-peat.

For those who are less familiar with this event, the competitors are given a course and rules that they must follow to get through safely, but timely as well. Any safety infractions are converted into time, so the safer the operator, the better the time. So if you want to use it as a measuring stick, we have the safest and most skilled operators around!

Mike Johnson performed extremely well in the skidsteer competition, placing third in the individual and devastating the competition for his team time. He beat Wadman’s operator by nearly 3 minutes, that is a huge advantage. Most of his success was due to the fact that he was able to operate safely under control and therefore avoided large penalties that other competitors received. Mike also operated the backhoe for our team and beat Wadman’s operator by nearly 2 minutes, again, much of this spread was due to the infractions that were avoided by Mike with his precise operating. The safety penalties are heavy on all of the events, so if an operator just goes through the course as fast as possible without thinking of safety, then they will lose. Mike won the individual backhoe event outright with Travis also competing in the individual portion and earning third place.

Travis Kunkle performed superbly on the all-terrain forklift. Again, the safer the competitor, the better overall time they will have. Travis placed first in individual portion of the forklift competition and had a competitive time for the team portion, which allowed SCI to remain in the chase.


Steve Miller

Steve Miller competed on the individual portion of the scissor lift and placed first overall, smoked the course, again. Kody Kendall did not quite place on the scissor lift for the individual time, but he absolutely destroyed the competition for his team time, a big factor in the overall win.

Kody Kendall


On a side note, Mike Johnson and Travis Kunkle placed first and second respectively in the mini-x competition.

Mike and Travis

Everyone should be pleased with the efforts of these guys and the way they represented our company in such a safe and proficient manner.

Again thanks to everyone who made it possible.


P.S. SCI took the trophy home with a final tally of 1331 seconds, Wadman and Big D (team a) tied for second with 1456 seconds, R&O finished with 1706 seconds, and Big D (team b) finished with 2107 seconds. We won with a 2 minute lead.

Utah Labor Commission Has Accepted Our Safety Grant Proposal!

For those that don’t know what that means, we applied for funding to help with new and innovative safety programs. This included some merit incentive based programs, as well as some improvements to our efforts to communicate safety to those who are not as familiar with the English language.

It is an exciting step for SCI that we hope will improve our culture and overall understanding of safety top to bottom.

At the ANMTA Spring Conference? Stop by our booth and say “Hello”…

We are attending the Arizona – New Mexico Telecommunications Association 2011 Spring Conference this week. If you’re also attending, please stop by our booth to say “hello”. You can also enter to win a new Ping Zing IWI putter we’re giving away… All the best!

Project Update- 2100 North, Mountain View Corridor, 1200 West SB Offramp

Things are moving along nicely on this project, in spite of the weather. The new South Bound offramp will be open to the public in the next three to five days. We recently put the finishing touches on the new intersection to accomodate the newoff ramp.

RFDT…. Rapid Fiber Deployment Truck!!!!

We are proud to announce we have purchased a RFDT (Rapid Fiber Deployment Truck). This will allow to be more responsive to our customers needs throughout the Western United States. In addition, we have the latest technology in fiber blowing systems, capable of rapidly installing fiber optic cable.


Not just another day at the office! Falcon Hills Project Update…

Project Update – April 29, 2011

Not exactly business as usual on the project site today. We’ve made a lot of progress on the placement of the power and communication conduit structure over the last several weeks. Today we had a bit of a different task to take on! The normal stuff included setting three 13`x 33′ power vaults. The tricky part was the fact we had several missiles sitting in our way! Definitely not your typical day at the office. See the whole story here.


ABC Big Truck Day a Huge Success…

On Friday, May 6, 2011, SCI participated in the Associated Builders and Contractors Big Truck Day event. Big Truck day is held each year at a different elementary school in Northern Utah. This year, the lucky children at Good Foundations Academy in Riverdale had the opportunity to learn more about a few of the big rigs used in the construction industry. There were concrete mixers, dump trucks, mini excavators, crane trucks and SCI’s famous Tornado Vacuum Excavator. Also, back by popular demand, Jeremy Bowels was on site to show off the Tornado and it’s capabilities. Not to leave anyone out, the vehicles operator, Brian Caldwell was onsite to do the real operating of the equipment.

Brian Caldwell demonstrates the Tornado to his team

Jeremy and Brian did a wonderful job of demonstrating the Tornado’s ability to vacuum up just about everything in sight. Dirt, rocks, chunks of wood and, to the delight of the children, the occasional hard hat. They also took the time to help the kids understand what it takes to operate a successful construction business. As each group of children would stop by to see the Tornado, Jeremy would make “job assignments” to several of the students. You would have a company owner, project manager, safety manager, administrative assistants, foreman and most importantly, a project owner, who could pay the bills. The kids assigned to be the foreman were able to operate the vacuum system on the Tornado, with some assistance. A few of them showed some real promise! Jeremy and Brian really helped the kids understand some of the various opportunities that exist in the construction industry. They also kept their interest level high and helped to keep it fun for everyone.

Jeremy and his new foreman operate the Tornado

At the end of the day, over 250 children had the opportunity to learn a bit about the different trucks and equipment used in the construction industry here in Utah. They had a good time and hopefully a few of them will have an interest in pursuing a career in this great industry.


Sorensen Companies, Inc. seeking Drill Operators and Locators to operate Ditch Witch Horizontal Drill and locate utilities through out Utah. Read more

Is your fiber infrastructure future proof?

If your not sure how to answer this question, you may want to consider exploring Sumitomo Electric lightwave’s FutureFlex air blown fiber product line as a solution.

“FutureFLEX, the first and most technologically proven air-blown fiber system in North America, has become the preferred infrastructure for many of the world’s foremost enterprise networks including: the Pentagon, CNN, ESPN, Johns Hopkins University, Mayo Clinic, Yale University, Washington DC Convention Center, Nissan, McCarran International Airport – Las Vegas, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, MGM Grand, Atlanta Motor Speedway, National Library of Medicine and many more.”

To find out more about FutureFlex, head on over to their website. They’ve posted several videos featuring the FutureFlex product and it’s ability to be utilized in a variety of applications. If you have a specific question pertaining to your exact situation, please don’t hesitate contact our Voice and Data Communications team. As a FutureFlex Licensed Installer, we can help.


You have the skills… We have an opportunity!

We are growing and need to find a highly skilled OSP Fiber Optic Cable Installer to help service our customers. See below for the scoop…

OSP Fiber Optic Installer

OSP Fiber Optic Installer needed in West Jordan or Syracuse.  Must have previous experience with jetting in OSP fiber optic cable.  Expeience with communication infrastructure and with construction equipment a plus.  Must have a valid driver license with a good driving record (no more than 2 moving violations; zero violations preferred). Wage DOE. Employer does pre-employment drug screening.  Benefits available after 3 months.

If  you are interested, click on this link to be forwarded to our Employment page to download an application or just give us a call.

At last… our new website is up and running!

Well, it’s been a long time in the works but it’s finally here. On Friday, April 1, 2011, SCI “went live” with our completely overhauled website! We’ve added several new features including a greatly enhanced Projects page, our Social Media links, and best of all, this great News/Blog section. Also, you’ll notice we’ve added a section for each of the many different infrastructure solutions we offer our clients and tons of great new images highlighting the work we do so well.

I want to thank all those who had a part in making this happen, especially the fine folks at Fluid Studio. Phil Case and his team did a fantastic job on the design and programming of the site. Also, they showed great patience, perseverance and professionalism when dealing with my incessant questions and challenges throughout the project. If you’re ever in need of web design, I highly recommend giving them a shot.

So, head on over and check us out. Just follow this link and be sure to add us to your list of favorites. We’ll be updating our Blog with the latest information on the status of our ongoing projects, the Who’s Who among SCI’s amazing employees, our thoughts on the Infrastructure industry and many, many other ideas.

All the best,

Mark J. Todd
Sales and Business Development Manager

SCI OSP Estimating Team

Train, Train, Train….

SCI Estimators Attend Customized HCSS Heavy Bid Software Training

Over the next few days our Estimating team will be receiving customized training on the HCSS HeavyBid estimating software system we use. We’ve flown in Rich, from HCSS, to spend the next few days discussing the new features implemented over the past year into their HCSS Heavy Bid estimating software.

SCI has been using HeavyBid to more efficiently and consistently  produce bids for more than ten years. As good as we are at using the system, there’s always room to learn just a bit more. That’s where Rich comes into the picture. He’s working hand in hand with our team to bring our skills up to a whole new level, allowing us to become even better at putting together our estimates.

At SCI, we’ve always had a strong belief in two things. Use the right tools for the job and train your people how to use those tools to the best of their ability. This is just another example of putting this belief into action!


    March 21, 2019

    As of August 2018, Sorensen Companies, Inc. and the Army’s Pays program have partnered together …

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    We are Hiring!

    Positions Available:

    Construction Laborers

    •Vac Operators 

    •Vac Laborers

    •Experienced Barricade Driver/Traffic Control Maintainer


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