• Micro-Trenching


On April 2010, Google hosted a race on their campus, located on Mountain View, CA., in order to promote their Fiber To The Home initiatives. This video explains the basics of Micro-Trenching and features clips of the Google parking lot race.

Ditch-Witch was the winner. They were chosen based on depth, width and speed. Micro-Trenching is intended to be a cost efficient, quick and non-disturbing process. SCI has been offering this service for years and have since Micro-Trenched thousands of feet for different customers, delivering a clean, high quality end product, every time. best essay service


    March 21, 2019

    As of August 2018, Sorensen Companies, Inc. and the Army’s Pays program have partnered together to create more employment opportunities […]

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    We are Hiring!

    Positions Available: •Construction Laborers •Vac Operators  •Vac Laborers •Experienced Barricade Driver/Traffic Control Maintainer •Mechanic (Syracuse Only) •Cell Tower Technicians •Heavy […]

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