Jeremy Bowles – New member of SCI’s Board of Directors


Jeremy Bowles is our newest member of our board of directors. He’s been with us for over 17 years and has held a number of different positions during his career with SCI, displaying an outstanding level of professionalism and dedication to the company. This is what our President, Chad Sorensen, had to say about Jeremy. “Jeremy has been with SCI for 17 years, and in those years has many great accomplishments.  Jeremy started as an Installer on Drops back in 1995, has been a Drop foreman, routine foremen, Bore Foremen, locator, operator, Project manager over bore and routine, as well as his extensive career as our Fleet manager.  Jeremy has always demonstrated absolute integrity and commitment to SCI.  He has also demonstrated a perfect example and alignment with our core values of Safety, Quality, Integrity, Respect and Teamwork.  Jeremy’s overall role and responsibility will remain the same,as well as he will be a part of our Board of directors, he will attend all Director meetings and will be an excellent representative of SCI at this level of management.  Congratulations Jeremy!!!”



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