SCI/Wasatch Barricade, JPB and IMS participated in the ABC’s Annual Dutch Oven Cook-Off held at beautiful Sugar House Park. A sunny day greeted all those who came to support and be a part of the event.

SCI’s cooking team was the first to set up camp and get down to business. They started by cooking the secret BBQ sauce (The recipe is available for $5.00 by purchasing the ABC Dutch Oven Cook-off recipe book), asiago chesse was used which gave the food a great flavor.

Team JPB tried a more ancient and serious approach. Their technique was composed of chanting an Italian…ish sounding anthem repeatedly as they used century-old tools and techniques, such as tossing dough in the air and using bud light beer cans as dough rollers.

Team IMS’ cooking and recipe was simple… secrecy! They set camp at a spot a little further away from the other teams and simply got straight to business. No chanting, no messing around! Just business as usual and they walked away with BOTH Dutch Oven awards for main course and desert.

Thanks to everyone that attended and made this years ABC’s Dutch Oven Cook-Off another success. After nearly 5 hours of cooking and 30 minutes of putting all of the food away by everyone in attendance, it was very easy to see that individual Companies didn’t show up… only family!!!

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