• ABC Big Truck Day a Huge Success…

ABC Big Truck Day a Huge Success…

On Friday, May 6, 2011, SCI participated in the Associated Builders and Contractors Big Truck Day event. Big Truck day is held each year at a different elementary school in Northern Utah. This year, the lucky children at Good Foundations Academy in Riverdale had the opportunity to learn more about a few of the big rigs used in the construction industry. There were concrete mixers, dump trucks, mini excavators, crane trucks and SCI’s famous Tornado Vacuum Excavator. Also, back by popular demand, Jeremy Bowels was on site to show off the Tornado and it’s capabilities. Not to leave anyone out, the vehicles operator, Brian Caldwell was onsite to do the real operating of the equipment.

Brian Caldwell demonstrates the Tornado to his team

Jeremy and Brian did a wonderful job of demonstrating the Tornado’s ability to vacuum up just about everything in sight. Dirt, rocks, chunks of wood and, to the delight of the children, the occasional hard hat. They also took the time to help the kids understand what it takes to operate a successful construction business. As each group of children would stop by to see the Tornado, Jeremy would make “job assignments” to several of the students. You would have a company owner, project manager, safety manager, administrative assistants, foreman and most importantly, a project owner, who could pay the bills. The kids assigned to be the foreman were able to operate the vacuum system on the Tornado, with some assistance. A few of them showed some real promise! Jeremy and Brian really helped the kids understand some of the various opportunities that exist in the construction industry. They also kept their interest level high and helped to keep it fun for everyone.

Jeremy and his new foreman operate the Tornado

At the end of the day, over 250 children had the opportunity to learn a bit about the different trucks and equipment used in the construction industry here in Utah. They had a good time and hopefully a few of them will have an interest in pursuing a career in this great industry.


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